Turf is a map based platform to discover and create real-time, searchable information about your city.



Turf was my thesis project during graduate school at The School of Visual Arts. I spent two semesters researching and developing the idea that ultimately became Turf. I began by looking at collaboration and how we achieve it both physically and digitally. I then positioned my findings and conclusions for use in a place that I thought would be most exciting to see collaboration thrive; the city.


Turf was an individual thesis project. I therefore led and developed every part of the process on my own from the conception of the idea, through research, and into final prototyping.



Turf came out of a lot of work researching and experimenting with collaboration. More specifically, I looked at how we communicate now, where that has evolved from, how that affects the way we create things together, and the tools we use to do so. I read countless books and articles, observed the communication of others as well as my own, and conducted interviews on how people come together to complete a task.



Throughout my entire process I prototyped ideas and directions in order to test them in other people's hands. I invited classmates, friends, and whoever I could find to participate in workshops and exercises that would give me insight into how they collaborate and communicate. I was able to uncover what worked, what didn't, and what I should prototype next.



When I had a direction that I was confident about, I sketched how it could work, how people would approach it, and how they would continue to use it.



With the insights gained from sketching I was able to begin creating higher fidelity designs to be used in working prototypes. Through these prototypes I analyzed the functionalities of my ideas and honed them further. 



By iterating through many prototypes I was able to arrive at a final design.



At the end of the year I presented Turf to the SVA community.